Helping experienced professionals leave a legacy through the power of coaching using AI.

How to start and scale your own Coaching Program and consistently get 5+ New Clients Every Month

Corporate to Coach

Unlock the power of your corporate expertise and Knowledge and transform it into a thriving coaching business.

Launch in 90-days

This comprehensive Coaching program will guide you through every step, from identifying your niche to scaling your business in just 90 days.

Earn up to $15K/mo

If your committed, you can join others who are achieving $10K+ per month and 5+ new clients monthly.

Who the Coach Creator Program is Designed For

Are you over 50 and burnt out from your corporate 9-5 job? Tired of the lack of job security, constant cutbacks, and feeling undervalued despite your experience?

It's time to take control of your future.

Use your wealth of knowledge to create your own business, set your own schedule, and work on your own terms.

Join a community of like-minded professionals who have successfully transitioned from corporate life to coaching, making a meaningful impact while securing their financial future.

Your expertise is invaluable—use it to shape your destiny and help others succeed!

OttoMate AI Coach Creator System


Welcome to the WISDOM TO COACHING WEALTH: A 90-Day Blueprint for Professionals 50+ helping you go from Corporate Veteran to Coaching PRO, where you work intimately alongside Bruce Bennett and the OttoMate team using AI exclusive software to help you Build, Market, Launch, and Manage your coaching business faster and easier.

We will guide you through every step from identifying your niche to scaling your business, and launching your program in 90-days ensuring you can achieve securing 5+ clients monthly and generating up to 10K+ per month.

So you can...

Turn your knowledge and passion into a 6-figure lifestyle business that you love and break free from the corporate grind.

We´ll do this by:

  • Crafting Your Coaching Blueprint with you.

  • Discovering Your Coaching Sweet Spot

  • Creating Irresistible Coaching Packages

  • Building your brand, courses, and communities

  • Setting Up Your Successful Coaching Platform

  • Creating Sales and Marketing Funnels to book calls

  • Organic Lead Generation

  • Marketing and Launching Your Coaching Program

  • Scale and Grow your coaching program through content creation

That will help you...

Secure a steady stream of 5+ clients each month generating up to $10-$15K+ a month allowing you to replace your corporate income and embrace a new, fulfilling career as a coach.

The Structure of the Program:

90-Day Coaching using AI to transform your professional expertise into a thriving coaching business.

What We'll Create Together:

  • Phase 1: Foundation: Blueprint (2 weeks) - Laying down the foundational strategies for your coaching business.

  • Phase 2: Funnels: Build Program (5 weeks) - Developing your brand and platform to deliver transformative coaching.

  • Phase 3: Floodgate: Market & Launch (5 weeks) - Implementing effective lead generation and content strategies.

Here is what you Get with OttoMate AI Coach Creator

1-1 Mentorship-Training Calls

  • 1-1 Onboarding Session

  • 1-1 Offer Strategy Calls

  • 1-1 Support Call to Launch your Program

  • Weekly 1-1 Group Training Calls

Program Delivery:

  • Access to exclusive AI prompting tools and software: to build your program and marketing assets.

  • Comprehensive Support: 1:1 coaching with a focus on both coaching development and software utilization.

  • Coach Creator Community Access: access to an exclusive community for peer support and networking.

  • 9 Step Coach Creator Video Training

  • Detailed program guides: OttoMate Coach Creator workbook, and AI-generated reference content.

Exclusive Systems and Software:

  • OttoMate AI Coach Creator Software- Build your coaching program with AI-driven efficiency.

  • OttoMate 360 Coaching Management System- Manage your coaching business seamlessly.

  • OttoMate Content Creator- Effortlessly create content that attracts and engages.

On-Demand Training Video Library:

  • Training on Coach Creator Software.

  • Training on OttoMate 360 System.

    through video courses.

  • Tips and tricks using OttoMate AI Content Creation.

  • 24/7 Software Support for 6-months, then continued support for subscribers.


  • Comprehensive 1:1 support for both coaching and software assistance.

  • 24/7 support for your first 6 months on OttoMate 360 System.

Exclusive AI software to build your Coaching Business

You will access to our exclusive Revolutionary AI-Powered System That helps overcomes the biggest challenges for coaches and digital product creators.
Create your offer and product in minutes! Generate 100% of your marketing content: slides, lead magnets, emails and more.

Proven Roadmap

1:1 Coaching to 90 day launch

With tailored strategies and expert support, you'll gain the clarity, confidence, and actionable steps needed to transform your idea into a successful coaching program. Our step-by-step approach ensures you stay on track and achieve your goals efficiently.

Live Training, videos, and a Tribe of Coaches

Our live training provides real-time insights and hands-on guidance, while our extensive video library offers flexible learning at your own pace. Join a community of like-minded coaches who share your journey, providing encouragement and collaboration.

What are you waiting for?

Let's talk to see if our program is right for you!

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